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Products & Services
  Prime Aerospace is a provider of the following consulting and engineering services:  
  • FAA / EASA Certification for retrofit and modification of Aircraft Cabin Interior, modification of Avionics in Helicopters etc.

  • FAA DER Repair Development for System Components, APUs and Engines
  • FAA PMA Development

  • Regulatory Certification

  • FAA Approved Minor Repairs

  • Repair Support Services
Apart from stocking rotables of hydraulics, pneumatics, avionics and IFE, we also distribute the following products:

Aircraft Components such as Pressure Transducers; Limit/Proximity Switches; Temperature Sensors; Static Dischargers; Relays; Circuit Breakers; Bonding Leads; Cockpit Microphones & Aviation Headsets; Icing Indicators; Emergency Lighting Systems.

Engine Components such as Thermocouples; EGT Harnesses; CFM56 Parts.

Aircraft Related Material such as Aircraft Exterior, Interior & Structural Paints; Epoxy Topcoats & Primers; Polyurethane Sanding Surfacers; Tapes; Interior & Exterior Decals.

Aircraft Sanitary Products such as Air Fresheners; Insecticides; Disinfectants; Cockroach Killers; Odor Removers; Chewing Gum Removers; Oven Cleaners.

Specialty Chemicals for Airframe and Engine maintenance such as Solvents; Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds; Cleaners for Aero Engines; Paint Strippers; Saturated Wipes.

Airframe & Engine Maintenance Tools and Ground Support Equipment such as Bootstraps; Slings; APU Hoists; Hydraulic Test Rigs; Tripod Jacks; Towbars; Hot Bonders; APU & Component Tooling.

We also supply the following products:

Passenger Cabin/Cargo Hold Floorboards; Hydroloks; Engine Mounts; Lamps; Filters; Seals & Packings; Ducts & Bellows; Hoses; Fasteners; Clamps; Connectors; Cargo Nets; Bearings; Sunshades & Sunvisors; Magnetic Chip Detectors; Fuel & Waste Drain Systems; Galley Parts; Faucets; Latches; Loop Controllers, etc.
We are distributors for
Telex ( Bosch now ) Headsets & Microphones.
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We are distributors for
Sennheiser Headsets.
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We are distributors for
BioLink Tapes
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Products & Services
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